Thank you for the terrific 6 weeks of detox guidance and yoga practice [in the Total Detox Program]. I went places I would not have gone on my own. Your letters were thoughtful, full of useful info and FUN. You are always encouraging and inspiring. I really enjoyed the journey. I will absolutely recommend the program and do it again.


PT, Victoria

"I have studied with Tracey for two years and I've come to know a few things:


A class with Tracey is the beginning to a journey.

It's filled with fun, laughter, challenge and reward.

The reward is finding a more focused, healthier and empowered version of you. 

The real you.

The one you feel calling you forward.

The one that is filled with possibility and joy.


She's an amazing coach and teacher.


Just go for it. Join her. Join your journey."

Richelle Funk, Victoria BC

Love the [Total Detox Program] Tracey. You are a big inspiration to me. I will recommend the program to all my pals.

KD, Victoria

"Tracey has an in-depth knowledge of yoga poses and a knack for putting them together in fresh ways. However, what makes her an outstanding instructor is her wholehearted presence. She's a genuine gem of a human! If you're looking for a yoga class that will stretch your body and sparkle up your soul, Tracey's got you covered."

JG, Victoria

Tracey's yoga class is perfect for me. There is lots of variety, it's well paced, and it can be challenging if I want it to be. I do many other activities, including cycling, running, swimming and weight lifting. Tracey's yoga helps me gain flexibility and stay injury free.  I started doing yoga about 6 years ago because of chronic back pain. I've been to many studios and had dozens of instructors, and Tracey is among the best. I'm happy to say that regular yoga 3-4 times a week has cured my back pain 100%.

Richard Brundt

Tracey is an amazing and passionate yoga instructor.  She is extremely enthusiastic and so full of life.  Tracey's yoga classes are always full.  She has the ability to connect with her students and make them feel comfortable.  Furthermore, she is very knowledgeable and inspiring.  Tracey's well organized and challenging classes accompanied by her lovely quotes that she has dug up are a delight.  She definitely loves what she does!

AB, Victoria


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