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Now what to put on top?

November 11, 2018

Here’s a cracker recipe that I’ve shared again and again with clients and Total Detoxers.  My older daughter once told me they were her "actual favourite food."  


I wish I was the genius behind the life-changing cracker miracle, but alas, all credit goes to the fabulous Sarah B of My New Roots.  I’m singing the highest of praises for this woman - I’ve never met a Sarah B recipe that even close to flopped. 


Speaking about the life-changing crackers the other day, a darling friend challenged me with this question: “now, what to put on top?”  


On top?  You want something on top of such crunchy nutty existence-altering lightly-salted perfection, amiga?  I have enjoyed life-changing crackers alongside many a soup and salad, but never to my recollection, never beneath a topping.  And so I thank you for this question.  You have just brought me to new heights.  


So.  Not one to shy from a culinary challenge, my wheels started turning.  The crackers are already rich and filling, and so the usual cracker toppers - cheese, pate, humus, tapenade, even pesto seem to me too heavy.  A slice of cool cucumber with cracked salt seemed the obvious answer, but I didn’t think mi amiga would let me off so easy.  And so I thought - how about a lighter, more vegetable-y “humus” made with cauliflower instead of garbanzos?


I have no idea why cauliflower humus came to mind, but it did.  And then I googled it.  It’s actually already a thing, of course.


But since I had already mentally “invented” it, I didn’t even sneak a peek at any body else’s version.  Just let fly the intuition on this one (hair down fun!), and planned a modest tasting event around the unveiling.


To be fair, you should know something about my panel of five tasters:


The Challenge: my younger daughter.  Distinguishing feature: age 15 and generally skeptical and highly suspicious of mother’s kitchen adventures.


The Bigger Challenge: my father.  Distinguishing feature: avoids vegetables on principle.  Prefers Papa burgers.


The More Sophisticated Challenge: my Mother.  Distinguishing feature: naturally handy in the kitchen and game to sample anything so long as it comes with a glass of wine.  Uses words like “mouth-feel.”


The Push-Over: my Husband:  Distinguishing feature: seems to have been born into this world with about 6 taste buds - all 6 of which are predictably happy with whatever I bring to the table.


The Tie-breaker?  That’d be me.  Distinguishing feature: Birthmark on left calf shaped like Vancouver Island.


Let’s set the scene:  A plateful of life changing crackers on the coffee table, flanked by a bowl of solid classic humus*** and a bowl of the new cauliflower concoction.  Basketball game on the TV (cause that’s the way we roll at my Dad’s house).


Samplers start your engines!  They were out of the gates fast and furious.  The results came after surprisingly little time for mulling:


4 to 1 in favour of cauliflower humus!  And - this is the kicker - none of the samplers were able to identify cauliflower as the thing at the heart of the new spread.


Thanks for waiting, friendly readers.  Here’s the recipe.  Definitely worth a try with or without the life-changing crackers. 




Cauliflower Humus


1 small cauliflower, broken into florets and roasted with 2 t cumin and 2 T coconut oil


Call the cauliflower “roasted” when it is soft, kinda nutty smelling, and verging on golden brown (garbanzo bean colour?).


Let the cauliflower cool and then combine it in your food processor with : 


3 T tahini

3 T extra virgin olive oil (or combination of olive and sesame oil)

about 1 t salt, to taste 

1 large clove garlic

juice and zest of 1 organic lemon

freshly cracked black pepper and a pinch of hot pepper flakes


Process for a couple of minutes until ultra-smooth.


I garnished mine with extra olive oil, whole roasted cumin seeds, a bit of lemon zest and chopped cilantro.


***the solid classic humus deserves a blog of it’s own.  Perhaps soon.




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