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I don't actually need to detox...right? (and a recipe for arugula pesto!)

December 14, 2017


You are more health conscious than most of your friends.  You exercise a couple times a week and try to eat something green every day.  You might wolf down some fast food in emergencies, and you only resort to those candy bars in your desk on Mondays and bad days.  


You don’t feel “toxic”.  You just feel... kinda normal.


Your particular kinda normal includes PMS, seasonal allergies, regular headaches and skin flare-ups, digestive distress, foggy thinking (which takes a few coffees to clear), unexplained weight gain, and lately, an unusual fatigue, weird aches and pains, and an overcast mood to match the weather.


Symptoms like yours are indeed "normal" in the sense that they are regularly occurring in our society.  But not "normal" in the sense that they are an inevitable part of the human condition.  They might be your body's way of telling you that your internal detoxification system has become bogged down. 


Our bodies are built to continually detoxify themselves naturally.  And they are very good at it.  But our detox mechanisms (like the liver, skin, lymphatics, and excretory system) become less efficient when they get overloaded with "toxins”.  These toxins enter our bodies from the world around us in the form of chemicals that colour, flavour and preserve our food, air pollutants, pesticides, household cleaners and personal care products.  We may also be affected by endogenous toxins from within our own bodies, like the metabolic by-products of an imbalanced microbiome, the “left-overs” of incomplete digestion, and - here's a biggie - psychic smog.  


It's impossible to avoid these toxins altogether all the time.  And that's why it may be a good idea to periodically give our innate systems of detoxification a boost.


There are lots of detoxification programs out there, and it can be confusing to choose an approach that is right for you.  Beware that most of us are not physiologically ready to jump into an extreme “quick fix” cleanse.  A fast or strict detox without proper preparation poses a shock to the unprepared system, and may do more harm that good.  Check out my 6 week food and lifestyle Total Detox Program for a gradual and progressive, thorough detoxification that will sparkle you up and take you to a brand new "normal".  


PS Here's a December pic of the arugula in my garden - which grows year 'round in Victoria.  Arugula and other bitter greens are especially good for supporting the liver, the body's chief organ of detoxification. Today I'll take about four and a half minutes to whip up a fresh batch of lemony Arugula Pesto!  I rarely pull out measuring cups for stuff like this, but the recipe will go something along these lines:


In my food processor I will combine about:


1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 big cloves of garlic

1 cup soaked raw seeds or nuts (whatever combination of walnuts, cashews, almonds, hemp seeds, pine nuts etc strikes my fancy of the moment)

zest and juice of 1 organic lemon

salt and pepper to taste


When all of that is nice and smooth, I will pulse in 3 or 4 big hands-ful of garden arugula.  And we'll be having happiness for dinner!  




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