Total Detox Program

Yoga and nutritional detox

Give your whole system a re-boot with the 6 week Total Detox Program.  You will follow a detailed, progressive food plan designed to minimize digestive stress, support your liver, and reduce your overall toxic load.  You will complement your good nutrition with yoga postures and breathing techniques, as well as deliberate and unhurried self-care lifestyle practices.  And you’ll do it in community - good folks on the same quest will help build momentum and accountability and fun factor.  Tracey will walk it with you and coach you through every step of this adventure.  You are gonna come out the other side feeling holy hale! and with some new ways of eating and being in the world that will help you hang on to that feeling.

  • This is NOT a diet.

  • This is NOT a fast.

  • This is NOT a way to repent or punish your festiveness.

Nope.  This is a celebration of clean eating and an exploration of you.  It’s a full-on 42 day adventure.

Warning:  nutritional cleansing can be a catalyst for change, and it supports evolution and transformational processes.  In other words, it can get you unstuck.  Which is NOT for the meek. 

Offered annually in September and January.  More at Alive Mindbody.

We're bringing Eat Breathe Thrive to Victoria?

Love your body.  Love yourself.


This groundbreaking program to help individuals overcome negative body image and disordered eating is already offered in over 70 centres worldwide.  

This six-week program, created by Chelsea Roff, founder of Eat Breathe Thrive and TEDx presenter, combines the wisdom of mindfulness traditions with insights from modern neuroscience.

Tracey has been specially trained to co-facilitate Eat Breathe Thrive Victoria with Registered Clinical Counsellor Laurie Moniz.  Together, Tracey and Laurie will guide you through:

  • meditations to help you tap into hunger and fullness signals and manage emotional eating;

  • yoga to support body awareness, emotional well-being, and physical vitality;

  • cutting edge tools from neuroscience, psychology and movement science to help you manage your emotions and generate positive states of mind.


Course fee includes a 10x punch pass membership to the Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre​.

Photo credit (book and poem): I am her tribe by Danielle Doby

Private Consultations

Talk to Tracey

Simply put, I am here to help you get hale!  I coach with an enthused and creative approach that combines the principles of holistic nutrition and yoga.  I will be your ass-kicker, your hand-holder, your cheerleader and your champion on the road to improved health and wellness.

I believe that dietary and lifestyle habit-evolution is often achieved most profoundly, efficiently, enjoyably and affordably when clients move forward together.  This is why I offer The Total Detox, The Cycle Revolution, and the Food is Medicine Cooking classes.  


I also coach clients one on one.  My nuts and bolts work with you may include:

  • sitting down together for some real talk about your personal relationship with food.  Together we will get clear on where you are and how you got there; how you really want to feel and why; and what motivates YOU.

  • meeting together at your home to clean your pantry of foods that aren’t serving your health, and re-stock it with staples that will;

  • meeting together in your kitchen to prepare ridiculously delicious foods that will optimally nourish you and your family;

  • meeting together at your grocery store to decipher food labels, navigate the aisles, and load your shopping cart with the foods your body really needs; 

  • meeting together with your doctor or other health care provider to ensure you have a cohesive team of professional support; and

  • meeting together on our yoga mats to create personalized breath and movement practices that will best serve your current state of body and mind.

We get to know each other in the process.

Yoga and Specialty Yoga Classes

SUP Yoga, Detox Yoga, Yoga for Runners

Everybody welcome to join Tracey at her signature creative flow style classes:


Tuesdays 9-9:55 am at the downtown Victoria YM/YWCA,

Tuesdays 5-5:55 pm at Alive MindBody (pre-registration suggested).


Also try Tracey's Detox Flow at Alive MindBody

Sundays 11:00 - noon (pre-registration suggested).  


Tracey regularly offers specialty yoga experiences including:

SUP Yoga

Yoga for Runners - book a session for your running club now!




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