“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

From The Summer Day, by Mary Oliver


Tracey Cook

Biography and Philosophy 101

I am a lawyer turned urban farmer and forager, mother, yoga instructor and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

I really, really like food.  And I really, really like to move.  I package this gusto in my work to offer an inspired and holistic approach for those seeking to feel more alive. 

Real health is more than just the absence of disease or chronic pain.  It’s hale! - a positive and emphatic state of wellness (with an exclamation point!).  And lifestyle is a massively bigger determinant of hale! than genetics.  That’s empowering.  We may not have much control over a lot of things in this life, but the way we feel in body and mind day to day is largely in our own hands. 

Whole foods, joyous movement, and a kind, attentive approach to self care are the essential tools. Skillful use of these tools requires a dose of mindfulness and respect for the rhythms of nature and cycles of life.  Let's work on this together. 

No, really.  I'd like to know.  What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Here’s a plan you might have tried: wish/hope/pretend like crazy that if you just keep moving, pushing the limits, and fueling with fast food, caffeine, nicotine, sugar, prescriptions or over-the-counters, you will show up.

For your one wild and precious life?

No way.  Enough with the self-defeating habits.  Stop the wishing/hoping/crazy pretending.   How you feel in your body determines - directly - how much of life you can really embrace.  With hale! you can live your biggest, very best adventure.  Start taking responsibility.  Hale yeah!  Step up.


Step 1

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.  Hippocrates 

It pays to get super curious about that “natural healing force”. To search for it, feel it, nurture it, build trust in it, and - yes - partner with it. You don’t have to conceive of it as something mystical or infallible, but understand that your body already contains a wellspring of power that is the key to your wellness.  We could all use a partner like that. 

Step 2

Whole Foods

Real-time wellness decisions can be tough when every day seems to present you with yet another diet hack and superfood-you-can’t-live-without.  Step 2 requires us to simplify.  To stick way close to the ground and choose whole foods to be the building blocks for holy hale!

What you eat is absolutely fundamental to your wellness. The nutrients (or anti-nutrients) you eat and absorb determine what happens at the cellular level in your body. You’ve got maybe one hundred trillion cells in there. Yes, you.  And each tiny cell has a job that contributes to your big-picture state of health. Your cells need a clean working environment and a continual supply of the correct fuel, nutrients and phytochemicals that come from what you eat. When you are eating poorly, you feel it. You see it. You know it.
There is perhaps no healing modality that has the potential to affect the health of your body so
constantly and powerfully good nutrition.

Step 3

Mindful Movement

Whole foods are the building blocks to hale!, but you still have to stack ‘em up.  Sprouted lentils ain’t going to take you to holy cow hale! if you are sedentary, lacking gratitude, plagued with pessimism, or not in right relationship with yourself and those closest to you.  Here's where yoga works.

Yoga is more than a good stretch, my friends. What starts as an apprehensive Down Dog (I'm supposed to do what with my sit bones?!) becomes a lifestyle that can awaken and support that natural healing force. Yoga challenges you to be present with the sensations, emotions, and thoughts that are constantly flowing through you.  Accept the challenge of yoga, and you can’t help but become more sensitive to the needs of your body and spirit.  Your interface with the world begins to change, and you are naturally drawn to make truly nourishing choices about diet, exercise and other lifestyle habits.

Yoga and holistic nutrition aim not to treat symptoms and get rid of what may be wrong with you,
but to awaken and support what is right: that natural healing force within every one of us.

Remember, you are on an adventure. For your one whole wild and precious life. Get hale!

P.S. The three steps to hale! aren’t actually sequential. You can start anywhere. Just start.



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