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Hale comes from the Old English hal which means whole. Hal is also the root of the word health. And holy.


Hale. Whole. Health. Holy.


Question: how much holy hale! have you got going on?  


Not quite enough?  Not nearly enough?

Here are three steps to more hale!

get hale!

Yoga and Nutritional Detox

Total Detox Program

Join the Total Detox Program, and for 6 weeks immerse yourself in clean eating, detox yoga, delicious self care, habit evolution, and a supportive community. 


Next session starts September  22, 2019.  Be there.  Hale yeah!

SUP Yoga, Detox Yoga, Yoga for Runners

Specialty Yoga

In addition to her signature creative flow style classes, Tracey regularly offers the following specialty yoga experiences:

  • SUP Yoga

  • Detox Yoga

  • Yoga for Runners

Talk to Tracey

Private Consultations

Let me help you find the freedom and power of vibrant health.  I will coach you to nourish, hydrate and detoxify your body so its systems are in optimal balance.  I can complement your nutritional evolution with personalized yoga, breath and meditation practices for even greater wellness in body, mind and spirit.    


Whether you need a hand-holder or an ass-kicker, I'm here to walk you from here to hale!

Love your body.  Love yourself

We are bringing Eat Breathe Thrive to Victoria!

This groundbreaking program to help individuals overcome negative body image and disordered eating is already offered in over 70 centres worldwide.  

This six-week program, created by Chelsea Roff, founder of Eat Breathe Thrive and TEDx presenter, combines the wisdom of mindfulness traditions with insights from modern neuroscience.

Tracey has been specially trained to co-facilitate Eat Breathe Thrive Victoria with Registered Clinical Counsellor Laurie Moniz.  Together, Tracey and Laurie will guide you through:

  • meditations to help you tap into hunger and fullness signals and manage emotional eating;

  • yoga to support body awareness, emotional well-being, and physical vitality;

  • cutting edge tools from neuroscience, psychology and movement science to help you manage your emotions and generate positive states of mind.


Course fee includes a 10x punch pass membership to the Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre



Photo credit (book and poem): I am her tribe by Danielle Doby

The detox program came at the perfect time of year for me to reset and become more mindful about what I put in my body. Tracey's knowledge, gentle enthusiasm and recipes were much appreciated. The course was well paced and I never felt overwhelmed, just supported. It was less about guilt and more about curiosity. I learned so much, not just about myself, but about different foods and their health benefits. The yoga classes brought the detox process, mindfulness and body awareness together for a holistic experience.

Sarah Tarnopolsky


Tracey Cook

Biography and Philosophy 101

I am a lawyer turned urban farmer and forager, mother, yoga instructor and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

I really, really like food.  And I really, really like to move.  I package this gusto in my work to offer an inspired and holistic approach for those seeking to feel more alive. 

Real health is more than just the absence of disease or chronic pain.  It’s hale! - a positive and emphatic state of wellness (with an exclamation point!).  And lifestyle is a massively bigger determinant of hale! than genetics.  That’s empowering.  We may not have much control over a lot of things in this life, but the way we feel in body and mind day to day is largely in our own hands. 

Whole foods, joyous movement, and a kind, attentive approach to self care are the essential tools. Skillful use of these tools requires a dose of mindfulness and respect for the rhythms of nature and cycles of life.  Let's work on this together.  Read here for more about how.

"I have studied with Tracey for two years and I've come to know a few things:


  • A class with Tracey is the beginning to a journey.

  • It's filled with fun, laughter, challenge and reward.

  • The reward is finding a more focused, healthier and empowered version of you. 

  • The real you.

  • The one you feel calling you forward.

  • The one that is filled with possibility and joy.


She's an amazing coach and teacher.


Just go for it. Join her. Join your journey."

Richelle Funk, Victoria BC


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